Build-Your-Own Bar

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For many homes and certain rooms, a standard front bar or standard back bar (or even wall bar back) is ideal and most affordable. But for some homes, custom bars completely change the face of the room. They are a masterpiece and a focal point of the gathering or entertaining room.

Nothing in a home shines and expresses itself in perfection like a custom designed and built bar that is created for your home, your room, your dimensions and your specifications. And often it is more affordable than you might imagine.

These custom bars are not built by an average cabinet maker, they are created and crafted by folks who do bars, and know bars. What often times won’t fit in a home by cabinet maker dimensions can be made to fit beautifully by those who know how to create the bar you want in the space you have and they do it every day.

Ready for your own custom designed bar that will be the talk of your neighbors, even the ones who have¬†everything? You will be amazed at how easy it is. All we need are the dimensions, where you want to put it, and a basic idea of what you want it to feature and look like. We’ll handle the rest and work piece by piece with you for the perfect design for your budget.

Check out some of the custom bars designed below and some of our standard options as well!

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